04 Spotisfaction Thursday 25/02/10 – David Prowse

Day number Thursday. This one’s going to split people right down the middle – some people will *get it* and some people will wonder why the hell I’ve added William Shatner. The playlist as a whole aims for a “Hey, it’s almost the weekend, it’s payday, let’s start dancing!” kind of a vibe, and hopefully it’ll help get you through a dreary day.

04 Spotisfaction Thursday (25 Feb) – DProwse

  1. Lars Bartkuhn – Goodby Dancing Hello God
  2. Mr. Scruff, Alice Russell – Music Takes Me Up
  3. SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS – Mars
  4. The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Melodius Wayfarer (Soul Montuno)
  5. Quantic – Wider Than The Sky
  6. Caribou – The Spiritually Immature Mansion
  7. Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Truth
  8. The Heavy – Coleen
  9. Madvillain, Medaphor – Raid
  10. The Herbaliser, Roots Manuva – Lord Lord
  11. The Roots – What They Do
  12. The Cuban Brothers – Miguel For President
  13. Jazzanova, Phonte Coleman – So Far From Home
  14. Breakestra – Show and Prove
  15. Bonobo – Transmission 94 – Parts 1 & 2
  16. Four Tet – You Could Ruin My Day
  17. William Shatner, Lemon Jelly – Together
  18. Digitalism – Taken Away (Instrumental)
  19. Miike Snow – Silvia, Robotberget Remix
  20. The Whip – Divebomb, Crystal Castles Remix
  21. Boys Noize – & Down, Extended Mix
  22. Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends
  23. Metric – Monster Hospital, MSTRKRFT Remix
  24. Felix Da Housecat – Radio, Shinichi Osawa Remix Radio Edit
  25. Disasterpeace – Win

Got a bit busy today, so apologies for this being a bit shorter than normal…

Mr. Scruff going into SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS – foot-tapping ridiculousness. Completely wonderful two tracks. Not really much more to say than that. If you don’t like them then this probably isn’t the playlist for you – be warned. After The Quantic Soul Orchestra’s carnival feel, I wanted to use Quantic as a tempo shift, and I think it works pretty well. It’s just a nice chillout song. I really love this section of the playlist, to be honest.

I adore everything that Madvillain (aka MF Doom, and a million and one other pseudonyms) does. His wordplay is completely amazing, it’s like watching a really talented butcher cleaving words instead of steaks. In a lot of ways he reminds me of Roots Manuva, which is why I threw them both together. Intelligent hip-hop is just not given enough credit in these days of autotune, identical beats and hooks, radio edits and crunk cups.

Now, I’m pretty sure the Jazzanova and Breakestra tracks will go either way. Personally, I love them, but then I love me a bit of funky soul. It’d be interesting to see what others think of them. For me, they brighten up my day. I find it impossible not to smile to these two bands, really, and coming from a grumpy sod that’s pretty good going.

William Shatner plus Lemon Jelly. A bit oddball, but I love it. You will too.

I added Miike Snow at the last second when I was reminded by a friend how awesome a track “Silvia” is. The original is haunting and beautiful, but didn’t really fit – I’ve added the Robotberget remix, which builds slowly but segues perfectly into the ‘house’ section of the playlist. Definitely check out the original edit of “Silvia” if you get a chance. Maybe I’ll fit it into my next playlist.

I quite like MSTRKRFT, but for me, their remix of Metric’s “Monster Hospital” is the best thing they’ve ever done. I’m a massive fan of Metric, but I’d go so far as saying that this remix is better than the original. I the powerful buildup into that, frankly, kickass house section. Perfect synths, perfect layering, perfect compliment to Emily’s perfect voice. Great track.

Disasterpeace. Oh, Disasterpeace. Enjoy.