94 Spotisfaction Wednesday 04/08/10 – David Prowse

Morning ladies and gents. Quick one for you – as well as one-off pieces, we’re still looking for people that can regularly contribute to Spotisfaction to come and join our ever-growing team.

  • If you’re the kind of person that prioritises buying albums or going to gigs over buying food, then come write a few reviews for us.
  • If most of your time is spent in a mammoth Spotify click-through blur, come be one of our playlist crafters.
  • If you spend all day on the Internet trawling music sites, then compile that stuff and chuck us some news.
  • If you spend more time looking through a camera viewfinder than your own eyeballs, be our lensman/woman.
  • If you fancy yourself less grammar Nazi, more grammar Hitler, come help us edit our content.
  • If you can view HTML and PHP like Neo views the Matrix, slip in as our resident grouchy coder.

If you think you may be able to help us out (even if you don’t think you’re much of a writer), please get in touch and we’ll see if we can work something out. Our aim at the moment is to build a team of music-lovers and really concentrate on creating as much worthwhile content as we can. Whatever your skills, come and help us.

Email me at if you’d like to chat about this stuff, or catch @spotisfaction on Twitter. Love!


Today’s playlist is by me, and is a nostalgic trip through some of my favourite albums while I was at Uni. Yes, it’s a bit emo, but I’m ok with that – we all go through phases! I’d like to think that my taste is a lot more eclectic these days ;)


94 Spotisfaction Wednesday (4 Aug) – DProwse
Hit the link for tracklist and my blurb.


93 Spotisfaction Monday 03/08/10 – Kevin Atkinson

Morning all. Didya miss me? Today is a shock to the system, fo sho – first day back in the day job after two weeks off, and I’m very much not with it yet. This weekend saw the wedding of two good friends of mine and therefore I’m in a very good mood today. So, in celebration of this rarity, I’ve picked Kev’s soul playlist for today’s aural consumption.

Congratulations to Dr Dave and Sarah Monks, with love from Spotisfaction.


93 Spotisfaction Monday (2 Aug) – KAtkinson
Hit the link for tracklist and Kev’s blurb.